Holiday Information

Selihot services begin on Thursday, August 24, 6am. Sunday Selihot services will be held at 7:00 am.

Seats are available for both members and non members for the holidays.  You can find the forms here, we also have forms available on the table in the lobby.

High Holiday Schedule 2017  

Wed Sep 20th              Erev Rosh HaShana

6:00    AM                  Selihot

6:45    AM                  Shaharit / Hatarat Nedarim

6:50    PM                  Candle Lighting

6:30    PM                  Minha / Arvit 

Thu Sep 21st      1st Day of Rosh Hashana

8:00    AM                  Shaharit

11:00  AM~                Shofar

5:20    PM                  Class

6:00    PM                 Minha

6:30    PM                Tashlich

7:00    PM                  Arvit

7:45    PM                  Candle lighting          

Fri Sep 22nd        2nd Day of Rosh Hashana

8:00    AM                  Shaharit

11:00  AM                  Shofar

6:30    PM                 Minha/Arvit

6:46    PM                  Candle lighting

Sep 23rd         Shabbat Shuva

8:45    AM                 Shaharit

5:30    PM                  Class

6:20    PM                 Minha

7:20    PM                Arvit

7:42    PM                 Havdala

Sun Sep 24th             Fast of Gedalya

6:00    AM                  Fast Begins

7:00    AM                  Selihot

8:00    AM                  Shaharit

6:30    PM                  Minha/Arvit

7:30    PM                  Fast Ends 

Mon –Thu  Sep 25th-28th

6:00    AM                  Selihot

6:50    AM                  Shaharit

Tuesday Sep 26th - CONCERT

High Holiday Concert

6:00    AM                  Selihot

6:50    AM                  Shaharit

6:30    PM                  Concert

Fri Sep 29th   Erev Yom Kippur

6:00    AM                   Selihot

6:45    AM                  Shaharit / Hatarat Nedarim

2:00    PM                  Minha

6:35    PM                  Candle lighting

6:35    PM                Fast Begins

6:40    PM                  Kol Nidre / Arvit

Shabbat 30th              Yom Kippur

8:00    AM                  Shaharit

12:30  PM                  Mussaf / Yizkor

4:00    PM                 Minha

6:00    PM                  Neilah

7:28    PM                 End of Fast Shofar  


7:30    PM                Arvit and Bircat Halevanah